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"Miracles Happen" Dr. Victor Frank
Healing Amor
A testimonial from Amor father,

My daughter Amor had struggled with seizures her entire life. She began with grand mal febrile seizures as an infant, but around the age of 5, she began to have non-fever related grand mal seizures. At that point, her pediatrician referred her to a well respected, Duke-trained pediatric neurologist in Albuquerque. The neurologist ordered an EEG, which came back with highly abnormal results, and Amor was diagnosed with a generalized seizure disorder (epilepsy). The neurologist explained, that in addition to the grand mal seizures, Amor was experiencing up to two-dozen petite mal seizures per day. That helped to explain several other symptoms she had previously experienced, including: dizziness; neck soreness; frequent headaches; and a tendency to “zone out” throughout the day. At times, she would even cry herself to a point that her eyes would flutter and she would enter an almost unconscious state. 
Unfortunately, the neurologist's only course of action was to recommend starting Amor (6 yrs. old at the time) on 3-4 highly potent medications. The final agreement was to start her with three prescriptions and, through the process of elimination, determine which one she responded to best. The first choice was Keppra, but due to the severe side effects described below, she was switched to Lamotrigine. This process was a total nightmare! The side effects from the Keppra included loss of sleep, severe headaches, dizziness, excruciating pain in her legs, and a complete change in personality and behavior. People had always noted that Amor lived up to her name, which means love. She was a caring, gentle, well behaved little girl; the anti-seizure medication led to outbursts of anger and frustration, which included kicking her sisters, running away when called, and a lack of impulse control. Amor was eventually switched to Lamotrigine, but there were still reservations about the medication, because it essentially muted her affect and personality. After spending about a year on Lamotrigine, Amor’s pediatrician agreed to try taking her off of the medication. The result of taking Amor off of the anti-convulsant was a slow return back to her fun personality but, unfortunately, a few months after taking her off the medication, she ended up suffering back to back grand mal seizures in the same week. One occurred at school on her birthday, which led to the EMT’s being called, and one later that week at her best friend’s house. In addition to the seizures, Amor began to complain of dizziness, neck pain, and headaches again. The emergency room doctor prescribed Lamotrigine again, but because of the side effects, she only took the medication for a few weeks. 

At that point, Amor was eight years old and, out of desperation, I followed through with the recommendation of a family friend to take her to Dr. Bobbie Hall at Trinity Natural Health Center in Los Alamos. Although I was quite reluctant at first, Amor and I would make the early morning trips to Los Alamos for treatment by Dr. Hall. She worked on a variety of areas, including removing toxins from Amor’s system, making adjustments in order to increase the flow of spinal fluid, and gave dietary recommendations for Amor to follow. Over time, Dr. Hall established a positive rapport with Amor and we became less skeptical of this alternative treatment. One key issue that Dr. Hall noted was a leak in Amor’s spinal fluid. As she probed with questions about what might have been the cause, I recalled that we had been in a car accident when Amor was only three weeks old. Dr. Hall explained that the trauma from the accident could have caused the issues with her spinal fluid flow, and treated Amor accordingly. Amor’s dizzy spells and headaches began to taper, and eventually dissipated altogether. Throughout her treatments, Dr. Hall also taught me some very basic techniques to help with Amor’s dizziness and headaches, and to establish normal sleep patterns. Over the course of the winter and early spring the most notable affect of Dr. Hall’s treatments was that Amor became herself again; a weight of anxiety about having seizures or suffering the side effects of medication was visibly lifted from her shoulders, her smile returned, as did her free-spirited personality. Amor seemed well in every way, and her regular sessions with Dr. Hall ended. 

A couple of months after ending regular treatments with Dr. Hall, I followed up with Amor’s neurologist, who gave me her standard “heart to heart” talk, insisting that Amor would need to be on medication for the rest of her life due to her previously diagnosed “generalized seizure disorder.” I was not oblivious to the fact that those medications could impact Amor’s ability to ever have children, could lead to severe depression due to their psychotropic nature, and epilepsy could also prevent her from being able to do basic things like secure a driver’s license. At the same time, I didn’t want my little girl to continue to be weighed down by the constant fear of having a seizure. Having faith in Dr. Hall’s treatment of Amor’s condition, I pushed back on the idea of medication to the point that the neurologist finally relented, informing me that there was one possible treatment that didn’t involve medication—a modified ketogenic diet. When she described the ketogenic diet and expressed her doubts about being able to maintain it, I responded that it was very similar to the diet that Dr. Hall had recommended and Amor had successfully stuck to for months. At that point, the neurologist ordered another EEG. 

The night before her EEG, we went through the process of limiting Amor’s sleep and fasting. This time, the EEG process went quite differently. During the procedure, although exhausted, Amor didn’t appear to have any seizures. As I watched my daughter lying there with dozens of electrical wires attached to 17 different points on her head, I was filled with mixed emotions, but maintained a sense of hope that Dr. Hall’s treatment had, in fact, positively impacted Amor’s health. We met with her neurologist immediately following the EEG procedure. The neurologist spent several minutes moving her head back and forth between her computer screen with Amor’s previous EEG results and diagnoses, and several feet of paper containing Amor’s most recent EEG. After several minutes of analysis, the neurologist looked at me and all she could say was, “I’m confused. Had I not known that this was the same child from 2 years ago, I would have never thought that she had a disorder.” It turned out that Amor’s EEG came back with “minimal” abnormalities and there was no need to recommend medication. I explained to the neurologist that one area of focus for Dr. Hall’s “alternative” treatment was to increase the flow of spinal fluid. Although skeptical about the “alternative” treatment, the neurologist admitted there could be a possibility of a positive correlation between increased spinal fluid and an improvement in Amor’s condition. She even shared that although she’s a western-trained medical doctor, she does receive acupuncture treatment. The neurologist who, only a couple of weeks earlier, had pushed highly potent medication on my daughter, reviewed the EEG one more time and said that there would be no need for further treatment at that time. She scheduled a 6-month follow up appointment (which is only 2 weeks away from the time that I’m writing this testimonial) just to check in and see how Amor is doing, and she may order another EEG.

A miracle…Amor walked out of the neurologist’s office confident that she had been healed. I explained to her that this type of healing could only be described as a miracle and that she was a very blessed little girl. Her sisters and I agreed to celebrate by driving to Santuario de Chimayo (a sacred place in Northern New Mexico) for Mass and to give thanks. 

Soon after, we also scheduled an appointment with Dr. Hall to check in on Amor and to share the good news. On the day of her appointment, Amor strode in to Dr. Hall’s office with a renewed sense of confidence. Dr. Hall did her typical check up and we talked about the outcome of the EEG. The tears welling up in her eyes as we talked showed just how much Dr. Hall cares about her patients and how passionate she is about her practice. We are eternally grateful to Dr. Hall, her teachers, and her community of alternative health specialists for the healing that Amor has experienced. 

" Most of my adult life, I struggled with pain and poor gut health. Doctors treated me with several medications. Even with medication, I never felt free of poor health. After a serious gut flare and hospitalization, I was very weak. I wasn’t sure how I would continue working in my job. A friend suggested I call Dr.Bobbie Hall.  
I made an appointment and Dr. Hall gave me a consultation. Over a few weeks, Dr. Hall used TBM to treat my gut. I became stronger and felt much better. I had less pain and was able to get back to work. Dr. Hall is very caring. She helped my physical body and supported me emotionally. I’m so happy and thankful I was able to receive her treatment. "   

On Nov,4 I went to Bobbie Hall at Trinity Health Center. My blood sugar was high, my cholesterol was high, my stress was high. In one month all my problems went away. Plus I lost 10 lbs. Thank you: B.V.