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Natural Remedies 
Pantry Herbology
Making herbal remedies from ordinary household items.

“Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food” Hippocrates

Medical definition of medicine: Anything which enters the body and alters its structure or function. Using that definition, all foods and even water and air could be considered medicines.

GARLIC – Has been called nature’s penicillin. It is a strong aromatic herb with powerful antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral actions.
Used during World War I to cover wounds and was reported that no wound dressed in this manner got infected.
Preparation: It is best to smack a clove of garlic, peel and give it a rough chop – let sit, exposed to the air for 10 minutes. This release the allicin in the garlic that has the antibiotic properties.
Garlic Oil – Soak chopped fresh garlic in olive oil. Rub on Chest to break up congestion in adults and children. Place a few drops in the ear for ear infection.  
Garlic Foot Soak – Crush garlic cloves (about 10) and place in a small tub that is large enough to hold your feet. Pour boiling water over the garlic. Let cool until temperature is tolerable to place feet in. Soak feet for up to a ½ hour.
Garlic Shot – Chop up a clove of garlic (almond size), put in a glass, add a little water and drink all at once after a meal.
Garlic Press – Crush garlic in a paper towel. Fold paper towel and run under warm water. Wring out and apply to affected area as needed.  
**Bonus** Taking garlic regularly repels insects and naturally lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.**

CAYENNE PEPPER – Is a major stimulant for the circulatory system. It increases circulation to every area of the body with which it comes in contact. It is a pungent herb and often used as a catalyst. 
Bleeding – Apply powder to cuts and wounds to stop bleeding.
Frost Bite – Sprinkle a very small amount of powder into shoes (not into socks) to prevent frost bite.
Sore Throat – Make a tea and gargle with it. Repeat in 15 to 20 minutes if necessary.
Heart Attack – Use one to two droppers full of the extract or open a capsule and dump contents in the mouth.
Pepper Replacement – Increases the action of the stomach and intestines, promoting more energy intake from food consumption. Take a small amount 10 minutes prior to meal to stimulate HCL production.
Teeth – Sprinkle a small amount of powder on your toothpaste to take care of any mouth ailment. Kills plaque and whitens the teeth. **Start Gradually and use every other day.**  
**Always drink plenty of water when taking cayenne pepper**

LEMON – A sour herb with a moistening and refreshing energy
Lemon Water – ½ lemon in water taken each morning upon arising is a preventative remedy for the liver and problems of the urinary tract. Beneficial for gout, rheumatism and arthritis. Relieves sore throat and strengthens blood capillaries because of its vitamin C content.  
Kidney Stones – Juice of 4 lemons in a gallon of distilled water over the course of a day while fasting.
Cold Remedy - A really good remedy for respiratory congestion and infection is to peel a lemon, leaving the "white" part (which is rich in bioflavonoids) and blend it up with a quart of water, some honey or maple syrup and a fresh clove of garlic.  
**Don’t drink lemon water during a meal or within a half hour of a meal.**

THYME – An aromatic herb that boosts the immune system and is great for coughs and colds as it is an expectorant (gets the mucous out). It is a powerful remedy for infections, parasites and it also kills fungus. It also has antiseptic properties and can be used crushed and applied to scrapes and small wounds.  
Coughs – **Make a tea drink up to 4 cups a day. 
Menstrual Cramps - **Make a tea and drink up to 3 cups a day

Rosemary – Great remedy for the brain. It is considered a great tonic for the elderly as it may help improve circulation to the brain. It has been historically used for depression, dandruff, fatigue, memory loss and is also an expectorant.  

MOLASSES – Iron Tonic
1 Tbls of molasses in ½ cup of warm water daily reverses anemia.

GINGER – Helps clear stagnant food and gas and improves abdominal circulation. Helps to calm nausea, vomiting and motion sickness.  
Digestive Upset/Gas – Make into a tea and sip frequently. Capsules can be taken 1 – 2 every hour with large glass of water until symptoms subside.
Motion Sickness – Make into a tea and drink prior to travel. Adult 2 500mg Capsules: Two ½ to 1 hour before travel.
Morning Sickness – Ginger Tea, Ginger snaps, Ginger Ale. No more than 2 capsules 2 times a day.
Vomiting – Make into a tea and sip frequently. Use 4 to 6 capsules in place of the tea.
Increases Digestion – Sip tea prior to a meal to stimulate digestive secretions or chew on it dehydrated.
**Must drink plenty of water with ginger as it warms the body. Ginger can induce sweating**

PARSLEY – Rich in sodium and potassium which is necessary to regulate fluids in the body. It has a volatile oil that stimulates kidney function and has a mild alkalizing effect on the system. It also helps to lower blood pressure and slow the pulse. A salty herb indicative of minerals.
Fresh – Parsley can be added to salads or just eaten fresh. A sprig after a meal is a great way to prevent bad breath.
Tea – Tea can be taken up to 4 times a day.

Use either a tea strainer or wrap the herbs in a white paper towel or coffee filter and tie with string.
Boil Water and pour 1 cup of water over 1tsp dried herb, steep the herbs in the water for 10 minutes. 
Herbs can also be placed directly in the water and strained through a paper towel after steeping.
TO MAKE A TINCTURE: Using a ratio of about 1:2 – 1 part herb to 2 parts brandy… Place herb in a small jar to about one third full. If using dry herbs, use enough distilled water to wet the herb, add the brandy to fill the jar. Let sit 3 to 5 weeks in a dark place. Swirl the jars often. Strain the contents. Keeps for up to two years.

Fresh Garlic
Red Onion (Used for its natural sulfur content)
Fresh Ginger
Evaporated Cane Juice (white sugar will work, but I don’t use white sugar) 
Layer Garlic, Onion and a small amount of Ginger in a quart jar to ¼ full. Next place a layer of Evaporative Cane Juice. Repeat until jar is full. Let sit approximately 4 hours. Strain, Bottle and keep in the fridge for up to 3 months.