hCG Professional Homeopathic Weight Loss Formula

In the late 1950's Dr. Simeons discovered that virtually all overweight people had low metabolism, constant and intense hunger, and massive food cravings - causing them to eat, even when they were not really hungry.
He also discovered that fat is stored in three different areas of the body:

1.Structural fat around joints and organs
2.Normal fat reserves throughout the entire body
3.Secure or abnormal fat reserves which are known as "problem areas" - also known as Secondary fat found around:
                     a.Hips and thighs
                     b.Waist, stomach and buttocks
                     c.Behind the upper arms in women and in the "upper chest, back and neck in men

Secondary fat reserves are normally released only during pregnancy or famine. But now, with the Simeons Diet Plan, and the hCG Professional Formula you are now empowered to succeed.

Based upon Dr. A.T.W. Simeion's celebrated work on hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), the hCG Professional Formula is designed to stimulate and suppress multiple physiological responses to help bring about controlled and sustainable weight management.

More than just another "Weight Loss Formula" or "Diet Program."  Professional strenght sold only by licensed practitioners.

hCG Professional Formula assists in:
  • Resetting the Hypothalamus
  • Detox and Drainage Support
  • Glucose Management
  • Metabolism Support
  • Appetite Control and Cravings
  • Immune Support and Viral Load Suppression
  • Trauma and Stress Mangement
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