Hormone Balancing & Menopause

Hormone balancing is so much more than just taking a pill or slapping on a cream.  As a matter of fact, taking any synthetic hormone actually puts your hormones more out of balance.  When you force the body to perform something artificailly, that it was meant to do on its own, by stimulating it with external aids, the body has a tendency to get lazy.  I mean really, why would it work if it doesn't have to.  When that happens your body becomes dependent on the item that you are using.  The body no longer acts on its own and requires an outside source of information (drugs) to tell it what to do.

Most hormone imbalances and all of their symptoms:  Weight gain, nausea, irritability, depression, exhaustion, loss of libido, brain fog, night sweats, cramps and pms are caused from and imbalance in the endocrine system.  The thyroid and adrenal glands play an important role in hormonal balance.  Often times these are the two culprits to the symptoms that women experience while going through menopause.  Again, treating the cause rather than just treating symptoms is the most important rule of thumb here.  More often than not, when we find the imbalance in the glandular system, support it and build and tonify the liver, most women find releif of thier symptoms. 

Menopause is a natural transition in a woman's life and part of her reproductive cycle.  Alleviating the symptoms can be achieved with natural alternatives as opposed to a drug based approach.  Benefits of natural alternatives inclued: 
Diminished hot flashes
Restful sleep
Normalized mood swings
Increased energy levels
Improved mental clarity
Increased positive affect
Being less irritable.

Toxins also play a very important role in hormonal issues.  It is of vital importance to detoxify the body if you want to get the hormones to perform acurately.  Toxins tend to take up residency in the receptor cites of the body and block natural hormones from communicating.

There is life after 40!!  Natural alternatives are a proven and effective way to bring relief to all of your homonal needs.

For more information contact Dr. Bobbie Hall at 505-662-2222.  You can receive a screening to identify imbalances in hormones, glands and the function of the liver.