Allergy Relief

Allergy harmonization is part of the Total Body Modification Protocol.  Through TBM harmonizing an individual to an allergen such as a food or pollen provides immediate relief in most cases.  The technique then allows the individual freedom to enjoy the food they were sensitive to or enjoy themselves outdoors symptom free.

Customized homeopathic remedies can also assist in providing lasting relief for seasonal and food allergies.

Total Body Modification identifies the allergen and a simple and quick technique is applied using accupressure to the nervous system along with a 1000x potency vial of the substance.  Desensitization is immediate and effects are generaly permenant.

Safe, effective and affordable allergy relief for all ages, including infants.

Allergy screenings are made by appointment only.
3 Allergy Harmonizations
Normally $40.00
offer valid until 11/23/14