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Northern New Mexico's Natural Healing Center. 

Providing the best of Alternative Health Care to Los Alamos, Santa Fe and Underlying Areas.

Trinity Natural Health Center offers you a combination of the highest quality
natural therapies to help move you toward complete wellness. 

Focused on finding and eliminating the cause of disease, rather than just treating symptoms.

Weight Loss
Now offering one of the most comprehensive healing techniques, Total Body Modification.
TBM is a simple, yet powerful technique that works on the entire body.  TBM helps reveal internal imbalances or blockages using reflex points and muscle testing.  The TBM practitioner is able to identify the problem and then stimulate a specific area on the spine or body (similar to acupressure).  This stimulation activates the nervous system. This then stimulates the body's ability to heal, so that it can now correct itself.  The stimulation essentially resets the body’s bio-computer to restore organ function, balance blood pressure, correct low back pain, stabilize blood sugar, improve water utilization, normalize hormonal cycles and strengthen immune responses to viruses, bacteria and parasites.  TBM also has the unique ability to harmonize the body to allergens, including food, environmental and chemical allergies.  Relief from allergy symptoms is almost always felt immediately, and without the use of medications. 

TBM is a fast, simple and effective way to regain your health, wellness and bring your body back into a place of balance. 

For more information contact Dr. Bobbie Hall, N.D.